Merle Norman Cosmetics Franchise Reinvents Itself

Despite franchise closings, the classic brand looks forward to rapid growth

After almost 90 years in business, Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise is reinventing our classic brand. We are actively recruiting new studio owners in locations across the United States. With a renewed focus on franchise development, Merle Norman is looking forward to unparalleled growth within the next decade.




When there’s new growth in an established brand, however, there’s always change. For Merle Norman Cosmetics, that means some franchise closures, but these closures are neither a blemish on the brand’s outlook nor an omen of Merle Norman’s corporate future.

“People decide to close their studios for a variety of reasons, which are often personal, such as retirement or other life changes,” says Travis Richards, Vice President of Franchising. “Our newly opened stores are doing incredibly well with a new look, specialized branding, our spa offering and top-notch products that exceed any similar product in both quality and value. I want prospective franchisees to know that the Merle Norman that has closed in your area will not be the same Merle Norman that you could open in your neighborhood. Our new concept and evolved look has been described in two words: ‘game’ and ‘changer.’”

Effective at attracting customers, our enhanced studio designs feature new fixtures, cabinetry, lighting, shelving and color schemes. “It’s got a really current look and feel but remains timeless and classic, and our new merchandising features begin the discussion about our products with customers in a manner the younger customer is accustomed to,” Richards adds. “We’re really excited about it.”

Richards does not want prospective owners to be alarmed if they see the Merle Norman closing in their town. It’s not a lack of viability of the brand that’s responsible; in fact, the future of Merle Norman has never been stronger. Openings of Merle Norman Studios and our franchise growth at the halfway mark in 2018 already have surpassed our total openings for 2017!

A studio closing is a great business opportunity for a new franchisee

Many of our closing studios offer a great business opportunity for someone in the community who wants to own a Merle Norman franchise.

“If you see a Merle Norman closing in your town and you’re interested in finding out more, talk to the owner. Many times, these franchisees are retiring. They are at the end of a long career with Merle Norman and have built an established store with committed clientele. It’s a fantastic opportunity for a new franchisee to step into, bringing new passion, a renewed energy and focus and updates to the store and merchandising. Your startup costs are significantly lower, and you inherit a loyal customer database. Very soon, that store that was about to shut down is buzzing with new life. We have many success stories during these past two years that are excellent examples of this,” says Richards.

Our newest studios are doing three to four times more volume in annual retail sales, and they are becoming thriving cornerstones of their communities. We have seen new style stores reopen in the exact same location as a “classic store,” and the sales are as much as four times more!

Open a Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio in your town

Our founder, Merle Nethercutt Norman, had a vision of empowering women in life and business. That mission is the foundation upon which we are built. Now, more than ever, Merle Norman Cosmetics is fresh and relevant, offering a professional opportunity to entrepreneurs and making women look and feel beautiful every day, all across North America.

“Merle Norman is the only company where women can make a difference for others and own a piece of the beauty industry,” says Richards.

Retail or cosmetics experience is not necessary to own a Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio. We will train you in every area to be an expert beauty consultant and business owner. Startup hard costs range from $34,803 to $55,750 (not including real estate costs), but you also need to have about the same range of operating capital.

If you’re interested in buying an existing franchise, check our list here to see what may be available in your town.

There’s never been a better time to start your own cosmetics business with Merle Norman. Join us as we grow our iconic brand across the United States.

To find out more, explore our research pages on our new franchise website or request a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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