How We Educate and Support Our Studio Owners

Merle Norman is committed to our franchisees’ success

No matter your background or experiences, Merle Norman Cosmetics is committed to investing in your education and training, so that you are equipped to own and operate your Studio from day one.

Additionally, we support you beyond your Grand Opening. We offer ongoing educational opportunities and marketing and advertising support.

Do you provide comprehensive training covering everything needed for studio ownership?

Our education programs cover all aspects of Studio ownership, including best business practices, marketing strategies, skincare consultation and makeup artistry. Even if you’ve never worked in a retail setting or have any experience with cosmetic application, we will train you in every area to be an expert beauty consultant and savvy business owner. With our comprehensive artistry training program, it’s easy to learn how to apply our products like a pro. You’ll also learn valuable skills to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your service and expertise.

Initial Training – 3 Weeks of Hybrid Learing

Initial Training consists of On-Line Training Modules to be reviewed and completed in week 1 plus 8 virtual training classes in weeks 2 and 3. The On-Line Training Modules are recorded and can be viewed in any order, but the Virtual Training classed are offered live (virtually).

  • Thorough product training on 200+ products and 600+ shades
  • Professional makeup artistry skills and skincare knowledge
  • Successful selling techniques
  • Staff and business management tips
  • Point Of Sale (P.O.S.) software training
  • Social Media Engagement, Website, email and hosting assistance

Ongoing Training

With our ongoing training, you’ll stay in the know on the latest and greatest in beauty trends, makeup artistry techniques, and product information.

  • Step-by-step instructional makeup artistry and new product videos taught by celebrity makeup artists
  • Webinars on topics like successful selling techniques and product knowledge
  • National training events featuring industry experts who provide sales coaching and artistry expertise

Do you offer support throughout every step of the start-up phase?

Opening a new retail business space may seem intimidating, but our corporate team will help with every step of the build-out and start-up process. Our experts assist with all the logistics of site development, including real estate selection, fixtures and signage and store layout and construction.

We help with opening your new Studio:

Real estate expertise

  • Lease negotiation assistance
  • Site Selection and lease review

Building and construction

  • Construction projections and design calendar for completion
  • Cost estimates

Signage and equipment

  • We coordinate your fixtures and signage
  • Exterior branding and storefront consultations
  • General equipment, materials and fixture recommendations

Space planning

  • General space and merchandising planning to enhance customer flow
  • Design drawings for retail/stockroom space, lighting, flooring and electrical
  • Layout drawings for product assortment
support studio owners

Do you offer continuous support for marketing and advertising initiatives?

At Merle Norman Cosmetics, we are deeply committed to offering the most extensive support system in retail cosmetics. After almost 90 years in business, we know that our franchise owners wear many hats, so we make it our business to help you implement marketing strategies and advertise your franchise.

Few franchise opportunities offer franchisees the level of marketing and advertising support that Merle Norman Cosmetics gives to our Studio owners. We believe in equipping our franchisees with every possible benefit, so they will be set up for success.

60% advertising co-op reimbursement

We offer a generous and unmatched advertising program that pays 60% of your media costs and postage (on approved advertising programs) to help you market your Franchise. Rules apply.

FREE professionally produced creative materials

We provide a variety of FREE professionally produced creative materials for your use in promoting your business. Most companies charge franchisees for these items, which could total in the thousands of dollars each year!

Franchisees have access to: Constant Contact email templates, brochures/newsletters, social media images, seasonal posters, digital and print postcards, display boxes, radio scripts, newspaper ads, press releases and more!

FREE national advertising and PR support

We advertise in top women’s fashion magazines like InStyle, Allure, Glamour and Southern Living utilize professional public relations services to ensure that our brand recognition remains visible to the public… all at no cost to you! We also advertise with professionally produced TV and radio commercials in national broadcast mediums, and run social media campaigns on the most popular channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

All of our Studios are listed for free in our online Franchise Locator directory.

Marketing calendars

Strategically crafted month-by-month marketing calendars help you create a profit plan.

Social media

We recognize that social media is a crucial element to building a successful business, which is why we implement our own corporate social media campaigns, as well as provide you with an ample amount of pre-formatted product images for your own social media efforts.

The SOCi platform provides user-friendly features that enables you to directly create and publish your own Studio specific posts, as well as receive scheduled posts five-days-a-week from Home Office featuring content about products and promotions that will keep your Studio’s social media effort in sync and current.

FREE products for demonstration

Almost 90 years ago, Merle Norman founded the company on the belief that customers will buy cosmetics if they receive a free product demonstration and makeover. We still feel that way today. That’s why we provide free products (conditions apply) to use on your customers during beauty consultations and makeovers.

Your own website!

The Merle Norman Studio website program allows you to create your own website. We provide the template (fees apply), and you provide the Studio hours and driving directions, special promotions, event listings and more!

“We really want potential franchisees to know that you won’t be alone in this business,” says Beth Butler, Director of Franchise Development of Merle Norman Cosmetics. “We have an army of people at our corporate headquarters who are as invested in their success as they are, and we care very deeply for each of our studio owners and how well they perform. We work really hard behind the scenes, trying to make running a business easier for them, simpler for them, and ideally, something that’s fun for them. We hope our efforts allow them the time, the freedom and the ability to be on the sales floor sharing the products and conveying to their customers what would help them look and feel better.  We know it’s why they became a Merle Norman Studio owner.”

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