Merle Norman Franchise FAQ

How much is our franchise fee?

Merle Norman Cosmetics does not charge a franchise or royalty fee to our studio owners.

What are the startup costs to open a studio?

Startup costs to open a Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio range from $34,216 – $215,415, depending on the floor plan and site where you choose to locate. Read more about your initial investment.

How much can I make?

The opportunity for success and potential for profit with Merle Norman Cosmetics is great for franchisees who are fully committed to every facet of business ownership. Our franchisees report satisfaction with both the financial and personal rewards of business ownership.

What is the new Merle Norman Spa concept?

Our new spa concept is the future of our brand. Franchisees have the opportunity to open a spa featuring three exclusive facials. By offering these services, studio owners tap into the unlimited potential for growing their businesses by attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Merle Norman Exclusive Facials combine professional-grade spa formulas and innovative skincare products only available at Certified Merle Norman Spas. Read more about the Merle Norman Spa and its potential.

How big is a territory?

There is no set size. We determine territories based on demographics, including population density and brand saturation. See the markets available for franchise development.

How do I choose a location? Do I have to be located in a mall?

Our team will support you as you evaluate your options for site location. You do not have to locate your Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio in a mall. In fact, we have a variety of options available for development, including a store in a mall or in a strip center, a freestanding store or a store within a store. Read more about our different Studio models and floor plans.

Can I sell other items (in addition to Merle Norman products) in my store?

Yes! Our Studio models and floor plans are flexible to accommodate other product lines. Many of our owners sell items, such as jewelry or accessories. We also offer the store within a store floor plan, which allows you to place a Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio inside an existing complementary retail business, such as a bridal or gift shop. Read more about our Studio model and floor plan options.

Do I need a background in retail or cosmetics?

No experience in retail or cosmetics? No problem! Our studio owners come from a variety of backgrounds to develop emotionally and financially rewarding careers with Merle Norman. We are committed to comprehensive training and support to help your store succeed, which includes everything from best business practices to cosmetic artistry and application skills. Read more about the training and support we offer studio owners.

How do you make your products? What’s their quality like?

One of the things we are most proud of is the integrity of our products. Made of the highest quality ingredients in Los Angeles, California, we have a tight rein on the production process every step of the way — from conceptualization to testing to packaging to distribution. We have been in business for almost 90 years, satisfying customers who stay with us for their lifetimes and have beautiful skin to show for it.

How do you test your products? Do you test on animals?

We conduct all of our product testing through our research and development department. We never test on animals, nor ask any other party to test on animals on our behalf. Testing is thorough and rigorous through clinical trials. Product safety is our highest concern.

Isn’t Merle Norman just for older women? Is your brand relevant to today’s consumer?

Yes, we do hear this a lot; that we’re “Grandma’s makeup,” but we enthusiastically ask, “Have you seen Grandma’s skin?” We proudly claim our rich heritage of serving women for almost 90 years, most of whom have glowing and radiant skin that looks at least 15-20 years younger, simply because they’ve only ever used our products! We have a rich legacy, but also the innovation of cutting-edge technology that makes us relevant and attractive to today’s consumers. We are eager for the next 90 years, and how many more grandmas will be gorgeous after using Merle Norman. Find out more about our complete line of skincare and cosmetics products here.

How long will it take to open my new Studio?

The timeline to open varies greatly due to factors beyond our control, such as finding a location and construction as needed. The average time to open, however, ranges between 6 to 12 months.

How do you support your franchisees?

We have one of the most comprehensive education and support systems available to business owners in all of franchising. As a Studio owner, you receive training for all aspects of ownership, including best business practices, leadership skills, and makeup artistry. We continue offering that level of education with ongoing conferences and workshops. We also provide hundreds of dollars worth of marketing, advertising, and promotional support, which includes free products for demonstrations; free posters, newsletters, signage, and more; and a 60% reimbursement program for approved advertising costs. Read about all of the education and support we offer Studio owners.

How do I get a copy of your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?

Once you submit a request for a copy of our Free Information Report, we begin the discovery process with you to determine if Merle Norman ownership is right for you. You will receive a copy of our FDD for review as a part of this process.

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