Three Ways to Franchise with Merle Norman

The nation’s iconic cosmetics studio has three different ways to franchise and a flexible selection of floor plans

different ways to franchise with Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise
  1. Open a new Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise

    Start your own business selling our comprehensive line of cosmetics, not door-to-door, but in your own beautifully designed retail store.

    Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio franchises are located in a variety of retail areas including malls, strip centers, and stand-alone buildings. This unique system allows us to cover a wide range of markets—everything from small towns to large metropolitan cities. The concept is simple. We’ve sidestepped the pressures and distractions of the department stores to present customers with a more private and personalized option.

  2. Purchase an existing franchise

    Purchasing an existing franchise for sale is a great way to enter into the Merle Norman family. You’ll enjoy the benefit of an existing client base and an already established location.

  3. Add Merle Norman Cosmetics to your existing retail business

    We’ll help you enhance your retail experience by tailoring product selection that aligns with your store, enabling you to make more money per square foot. This customizable option is ideal for businesses like gift shops, boutiques, salons, pharmacies, jewelry stores, bridal/dress shops, or any other retail venue that’s geared towards women and looking to easily increase revenue.

add Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise supplies to your business today!

Floor plans for studio development:

Once you choose the way you want to franchise, choose from one of three different floor plans below:

  • Full floor plan

A full studio floor plan requires approximately 500 square feet and can be located almost anywhere — as a freestanding store or in a mall or strip center. This floor plan allows the store to carry a complete assortment of Merle Norman skincare and color products.

  • Medium floor plan

A medium studio floor plan requires approximately 250 – 500 square feet. This is the ideal option for businesses that desire to showcase Merle Norman Cosmetics in conjunction with other merchandise (such as jewelry or accessories).

  • Store within a store

A store within store floor plan requires approximately 150 – 250 square feet. It’s the perfect add-on to an existing business. This option can be configured based on your existing space.

  • Spa services

A soft, serene color scheme and modern, affordable spa basics create a relaxing space that will harmonize perfectly with your Studio environment. Spa services require approximately 90 square feet, ideally, a 9′ x 10′ room with walls and a door dividing the room from the Studio area with adequate space for a facial bed, cabinets, sink, service trolley and esthetician’s stool.

  • Online Sales

For new franchise owners, you’ll benefit from online sales from your existing customer base. Once you develop a customer relationship, that customer can buy both in your store or online from you, even if they move away. We’re excited about the future of cosmetics sales through our network of passionate franchise owners and the way our customers can now buy more easily!

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