What’s Special About Our Products?

Reasonably priced prestige products, making women beautiful

At Merle Norman, you’re getting a very prestige product at a reasonable price. We focus on the integrity and quality of the products. Our formulations are top-notch. We use the best ingredients that are available and the latest technology that is available. We stand behind our products.

The Merle Norman Cosmetics line addresses the full spectrum of skincare and makeup needs for women of all ages, complexions, and skin types. We are committed to research and development and to using the finest ingredients available backed by the latest scientifically proven technologies. We take pride in pioneering innovative formulations that are often years ahead of our competitors.

Merle Norman is proud to say that we’ve been in the same plant built in Westchester, California, by Merle Norman herself in 1952. This is where product ideas continue to be conceived. It’s a unique heritage and an integral part of who we are.

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Not just your grandmother’s makeup — but have you seen Grandma?

Mention Merle Norman Cosmetics and you may hear a comment that goes something like this, “Isn’t that for older ladies? Isn’t it for grandmothers?”

“Yes, we’ve been around for 86 years and we hear all the time we’re Grandma’s makeup,” says Travis Richards, Board of Director and Executive with Merle Norman. “That’s right, but look at Grandma’s skin. Look at the way Grandma looks, she looks that good because she started using Merle Norman at a young age, you should too- imagine what your skin will look like! Merle Norman is embarking on our next 86 years. So in becoming a franchise owner today, you are part of a new, exciting continuation of a great legacy. We hear success stories every day from owners that recruited a new younger customer to our brand and they are blown away by our products and services, we have 25 year old women out there raving about our anti-aging line- I’ll take that!”

Some of these women have used Merle Norman products on their skin for more than 60 years. That brand loyalty is a ringing endorsement for unparalleled quality and efficacy of our products.

Merle Norman franchise Edgar family longest multi-unit studio owners

Their skin is also a walking testimony to us. “What we’re doing right now is we’re taking the old mentality and we’re bringing it into the new with newer technology. We’re giving you effective products like we always did, but they are better,” says Erica Herrell, Director of Research and Development for Merle Norman.

“We’ve invested heavily in operations, buying brand new equipment, allowing us to make better products faster,” adds Travis Richards. “We’ve also invested heavily in technology to allow us to better understand our business and to meet our studio owners’ needs. We have amazing products. We have products that work. They’re not just products that have hype. They actually deliver against the claims that we make.”

Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio franchise is beloved for nearly a century for its products and results

When you walk into one of the 1,000+ Merle Norman Studio Cosmetics locations around the world, you know you’re in for more than a treat. You are in for a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

These products have been used and loved by millions of women during the last nine decades. From those early products to our line today, featuring hundreds of items, we offer incredibly diverse products for all ages, skin types and concerns.


Our unique formulations are developed in our own research and development laboratories. We offer an innovative range of products with the finest ingredients available — backed by proven scientific technologies. Our most advanced skincare products — the Anti-Aging Complex System — help fight the visible signs of premature aging day and night. We have skincare solutions for any skin concern or type.

Foundations, concealers, and powders

We carry one of the broadest lines of concealers, foundations, and powders. Your customers can choose coverage from sheer to full finishes from matte to dewy and shades that range from fair to dark.

Color for eyes, cheeks, and lips

Our equally impressive seasonal color collections bring a little runway glamour to the real world. We work with top color forecasting houses and celebrity makeup artists to bring you “of-the-moment” shades and makeup tips for you to showcase to your customers.

Spa services and products

Using new spa-grade formulations, we offer three exclusive facials. The Clean Sweep Facial℠ is designed to exfoliate, purify and control oily areas. The Afterglow Skin Illuminating Facial ℠ features a highly effective multi-fruit acid peel with powerful antioxidants that help remove dead skin cells and refine skin tone.  Smooth + Firm Youth Boosting Facial℠ is an innovative modeling mask applied to help restore natural moisture, firmness, and plump up the skin.


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