Why Merle Norman is the Right Opportunity Right Now

Iconic cosmetics franchise is a recession-resistant business opportunity with a long track record of helping entrepreneurs thrive

Millions of people are looking for a way out of corporate America, and unsurprisingly, entrepreneurial activity is on the rise. The old way of establishing yourself over a long career with one company is fading away, and more and more, people are looking for ways to take control of their futures and build a meaningful life for themselves and their families. Keep reading to see how the Merle Norman franchise opportunity can help you!

This is exactly what Merle Norman did when she began making skincare products in her house 90 years ago and established the company which still bears her name. This means that for nearly a century, Merle Norman has been helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams of small business ownership. In turn, these entrepreneurs have created thousands of jobs, and the communities in which they operate are stronger as a result.

While there are no recession-proof franchise concepts, Merle Norman has certainly proven to be recession-resistant. Merle Norman is the rare franchise system, with many examples of franchise owners who have been open for decades – and even more rare, many of our franchise owners are second or third generation. This means that for these families, owning a Merle Norman is a way of life and a way to build a life you can be proud of.

Merle Norman cosmetics Interior

How did you manage to reach 90 years in business without making significant mistakes?

Merle Norman is one of the most straightforward concepts in the cosmetics franchise segment. Our simple-to-run, quick-to-scale business model has been attracting entrepreneurs to our brand for decades.

Another reason for our lasting growth, generation after generation, is our low barriers to entry. Investing in a Merle Norman franchise doesn’t have to break the bank, as the initial investment for a Merle Norman business begins at $34,216.

But just because we’re affordable doesn’t mean we chintz on support. On the contrary, Merle Norman offers one of the most robust training & support platforms in the entire industry. Plus, our franchise owners are tight-knit, collaborative, and always willing to pitch in to support each other.

We also keep our eyes on the prize. We want our franchise owners to run profitable businesses, and we look for innovative ways to increase profitability and expand brand recognition. One of the recent ways we’ve expanded profit-potential is the launch of our e-commerce platform, which allows customers to shop from their local Merle Norman franchise online at their convenience. And Merle Norman continues to win over new generations of customers, as popular TikTok and YouTube vlog channels regularly feature our products, and interest from Millennials and Gen-Z in Merle Norman products continues to climb.

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Merle Norman at 90 is a brand that is far stronger today than it ever has been, and more importantly, a brand with a future that’s even brighter than the past. If you’re ready to live a life you’re passionate about, give your career a makeover by investing in a Merle Norman franchise today. Fill out our inquiry form for more information!

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