Who Makes an Ideal Merle Norman Studio Owner?

Our franchisees have a passion for business, beauty and helping others

The average Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio owner stays with their cosmetic franchise for more than 30 years. That commitment to Merle Norman and love of our legendary brand is remarkable. In an industry where the latest makeup techniques drive sales for the bigger cosmetics retailers, Merle Norman relies on its legacy of longevity. Our studio owners come from different walks of life — some with retail and cosmetics experience, some without — but all of them have one thing in common: a passion for helping others feel better about themselves through the beauty and artistry of our cosmetics.


“It’s just fun to help people find things to make them feel more beautiful, to make them feel better and more confident about their skin and about their appearance,” says Kim Kelly, Studio Owner in Montrose, California. “It’s fun talking to people all the time. I think when we retire, that will be the hardest part. That you don’t have that connection every day with people. So for that reason we’ll be in it forever.”

Kim Kelly co-owns a Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio in Montrose, California, with her sister, Kris Kline. Kim and Kris grew up in this business, taking over the store from their mother, who began working for Merle Norman in the late 50s.

The pair have grown a rewarding business, both emotionally and financially. “It’s so rewarding to have a business where you are your own boss,” says Kim. “It is a great business to get into. For me, it’s been a confidence builder all my life.”

Merle Norman Studio Cosmetics franchise owner

Wanted: people lovers to join us at Merle Norman Cosmetics

We want to partner with women who are energized by others — people who enjoy working with members of their communities and are passionate about customer service.

“It would be hard to say that there’s one ideal person for studio ownership, but at the end of the day, I want somebody that’s just got passion,” says Steve Jolton, Director of Franchise Sales for Merle Norman Cosmetics. “Passion for helping people, passion for doing something that they can build and be their own. I think that’s really gonna be the key to success.”

“Some of our best studio owners have come from a second or third career,” says Travis Richards, Board of Directors and Executive. “We’ve found that studio owners who are focused on education and helping somebody else — for example, school teachers, or retired school teachers, nurses, flight attendants — we have found that they have become very good owners because they’re very organized, they really understand customer service, and they just want to help their communities.”

Picture yourself in your own Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio

No matter your background, experience, or motivation, becoming a studio owner may be the right fit for you!

Do you want to be an entrepreneur?

You’re a natural leader with a can-do attitude who loves calling the shots. As a Studio Owner, you’ll create your own destiny, fulfill your dreams, and discover financial freedom all on your terms.

Are you enthusiastic about helping others?

You have a passion for empowering other women, helping them to feel better about themselves and put their best foot forward. Your fulfillment comes from seeing your friends succeed — and knowing you had a part in it.

Do you love beauty and fashion?

You’re a style guru and a beauty maven who is the go-to for all things trending. Do what you love while reaping financial rewards as a cosmetic franchise owner!

Do you want an exciting career that you’ll dictate on your own terms?

You climbed the corporate ladder, but now it’s time to invest your skills in your dreams. You’ve been a stay-at-home mom, but now want to own your own business without sacrificing your family. You’re just out of school and want more than just a job; you want to invest in a career for the long haul. Wherever you are in life, Merle Norman Studio ownership can fit right into your plans. Take control of your destiny, answer your calling, and discover true work-life balance as a Merle Norman Franchise Owner.

Are you a loyal Merle Norman customer? Do you love our products?

You’re the ultimate Merle Norman Girl who gets the Color Collections, gets the looks and gets fulfillment from sharing your passion for beauty with friends.  You can turn what you love into a successful career.

Do you see yourself owning and operating your own Merle Norman Studio?

If you want to own the top rated cosmetic franchise, we want to talk to you. Request a copy of our free Franchise Information Report and a member of our team will contact you soon.


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