Open a Skin Care Franchise With Merle Norman

Merle Norman Cosmetics and MN Spa offer an attractive skin care franchise opportunity

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Skin care is big business in the United States, and Merle Norman Cosmetics offers a fantastic skin care franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs who’d like to work in that industry. According to Statista, “The skin care segment makes up the largest share of revenue generated by the beauty and personal care market.” Skin care enthusiasts can own their own skin care franchise as a Merle Norman Cosmetics studio owner, offering clients the very best in skin care products and services at an affordable price.

“The research and development team at Merle Norman is always working on the most cutting-edge formulas made of the finest ingredients to make our skin care products effective,” says Travis Richards, Vice President of Franchising. “Our products speak for themselves! It’s no secret that you can usually tell a lifelong Merle Norman user when she walks in the door — she will look ten to twenty years younger than she is. That’s the testimony of the quality and efficacy of our skin care products.”

Top-quality products and services make Merle Norman an attractive skin care franchise to own

Facial cleansers, acne treatments, and anti-aging products are among the best-selling skin care products in the United States, according to Statista. Merle Norman is an impressive player in these arenas, with innovative product lines that include:


A “smart” system for the face that features products that work in harmony with the skin’s natural process for optimum balance.


A system designed to fight acne, reduce redness and leave skin refreshed, smooth, and comfortable; products include the known acne-fighters salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.


A system featuring a proprietary triple-peptide complex that helps repair damage and protect skin from further damage; products help reduce the appearance of fine lines, provide sun protection and offer time-release moisturizing.

MN Spa is also a key component in our skin care offerings. Through the Spa, we offer three exclusive facials: The Clean Sweep Facial℠ (designed to exfoliate, purify, and control oily areas), the Afterglow Skin Illuminating Facial ℠ (features a highly effective multi-fruit acid peel with powerful antioxidants that help remove dead skin cells and refine skin tone) and Smooth + Firm Youth Boosting Facial℠ (an innovative modeling mask applied to help restore natural moisture and firmness and to plump up the skin).

There’s great profit potential with approaching your Merle Norman Cosmetics studio and MN Spa as a skin care franchise. “With the MN Spa and skin care services, you don’t need additional cash flow for inventory,” says Richards. “Skin care services also add to incremental sales of your retail product because you’ll be using the product during a pampering experience that truly does make your client’s skin feel better. As a skin care franchise owner with Merle Norman, offering both cosmetics and facials will mean a lot to your bottom line.”

We estimate that most studios could conservatively generate $52,000–$80,000 annually in services, assuming only one treatment room, 24 facials per week at an average service price of $69–$105.

Since most facial and skin care customers develop an ongoing relationship with their esthetician, the potential for repeat business from spa clients is huge. These clients are also more likely to purchase products used during their treatments and those their esthetician suggests.

Open a skin care franchise with Merle Norman Cosmetics and MN Spa

At Merle Norman, skin care products and services are foundational to our entire company. We are actively recruiting entrepreneurs looking to invest in a skin care franchise by opening a Merle Norman Cosmetics studio and MN Spa in their communities.

Find out more by exploring our research pages or requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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