Social Media Campaigns Build Awareness For Merle Norman Franchise Owners

From website support to social media campaigns, a legendary name in beauty is a noted online presence that pays off in brand awareness and more

When an entrepreneur becomes a Merle Norman beauty franchise owner, he or she is tapping into a globally known name in beauty and fine cosmetics. That’s due to a reputation that’s been built up for nearly a century, and also due to more modern efforts such as social media and online brand awareness campaigns. 

beauty franchise

beauty franchise

“One reason Merle Norman is an ‘evergreen’ name in the beauty world is our nonstop efforts to keep the brand fresh,” explains Travis Richards, Vice President of Franchising. “That includes taking any national media mentions and using those in targeted advertising campaigns that store owners can then use for their own websites, social media and other online advertising.

National television, local foot traffic

For instance, when Merle Norman franchise owner Beth Frost appeared on “The Morning Blend” to talk about the importance of primer when it comes to skin care and a more appealing look, she also was able to promote free trial sizes of two different wrinkle-smoother products with a purchase. 

“That falls squarely into what Merle Norman called ‘try before you buy,’ and it was a cornerstone of her success,” Richards says. “Now it’s something that every owner can capitalize on, and it makes for great ad copy as well.” 

Comprehensive promotions package builds business

In addition to receiving samples to give away, Merle Norman beauty franchise owners also tap into the aforementioned social media campaigns and more, including: 

  •       A generous advertising program that pays 60% of your media costs and postage on approved advertising programs
  •       Free, professionally produced creative materials ranging from email templates to brochures and mailers, newsletters, and social media images and content
  •       Free inclusion in national advertising campaigns in major magazines such as InStyle, Glamour, Allure and Southern Living
  •       Your own website!

“Every Merle Norman franchise stands out thanks to a well-known name and the highest quality products,” Richards says. “Our advertising and online platforms then help take that awareness to the next level, and really raise their profile with consumers in their market.” 

For almost a century, Merle Norman has been creating beauty with high-quality, affordable skin care products and services. At the same time, it has allowed thousands of franchise owners to build successful businesses. Why not make now the time to open a Merle Norman beauty franchise, or add our exciting line of products to your existing retail business? 

Learn more about the Merle Norman beauty franchise opportunity

For in-depth details about owning a Merle Norman beauty franchise, download our Free Franchise Opportunity Report. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.

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