Pass on the Multi-Level Marketing Schemes and Invest in a Merle Norman Franchise Instead

Iconic beauty franchise helps entrepreneurs prosper in business

The beauty industry is rife with multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes that over promise and under deliver. Entrepreneurs who invest in these concepts can be unknowingly taken for a ride – and, unfortunately, the stories of this happening are far too common.

Multi-level marketing schemes are often compared to pyramid schemes. The entrepreneurs don’t actually own their businesses, and because they’re pressured to sell and recruit, they often destroy relationships with friends and family. 

There’s good news. If you’re passionate about beauty, makeup, and helping people look and feel their best, you can own a business that allows you to do exactly that. In fact, this is what Merle Norman has been doing for over 90 years! Nurturing entrepreneurs prosper in a business that allows them to live passionate, dynamic, and meaningful lives doing what they love and helping other women realize their potential.




The harsh reality of MLM concepts

In the overall format of MLM, your role functions more like a salesperson, making only as much as you or your group of recruits can sell. When you leave a business structured on MLM, you lose everything you’ve built, leaving you with no return on hard-earned investments. 

There’s also little to no support. In fact, what you’ll get can be as little as a few emails advising you to purchase something to increase your sales. For the willing participant, this means money out of your pocket before you even get started on your own sales. These concepts exist to profit off you as a team member. It’s a constant process of recruiting with the purpose of creating a hierarchical system. This is a false feel of ownership, where the people you recruit work below you and oftentimes breeds a hostile work environment laced with constant competition and in-network comparison.

Merle Norman exists to help franchise owners prosper

Unlike an MLM concept, franchising with Merle Norman means that you own your own business and, in turn, you reap the benefits of your hard work. 

And you won’t be alone. 

Our experienced executive team has helped many thousands of entrepreneurs grow and own profitable businesses. Our sole purpose is to equip you with best business practices, training, and marketing. Franchise owners are not only supported with training and development, but we also provide ongoing assistance and furthering education opportunities. We want to assure our franchise owners feel confident and have the necessary resources to run growing businesses in their communities.

“We really want potential franchisees to know that you won’t be alone in this business,” says Beth Butler, Director of Franchise Sales of Merle Norman Cosmetics. “We have an army of people at our corporate headquarters who are as invested in their success as they are and we care very deeply for each of our studio owners and how well they perform.”

If you are a passionate person who is elevated by lifting others, then a future full of beauty and artistry waits for you at Merle Norman Cosmetics.

“We work really hard behind the scenes,” Butler says. “We try to make running a business easier for them, simpler for them, and ideally, something that’s fun for them.” 

Ready to open a Merle Norman Cosmetics studio in your community? 

Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise is anticipating at least 42 new studio franchise units this year. Learn more here if you’re an entrepreneur looking for personal and professional gratification. 

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