Millennials Are Naturals As Merle Norman Cosmetics Franchise Owners

An entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to follow proven systems makes this generation a great fit for taking the reins of a proven and timeless concept

The millennial generation stands out for many things, not the least of which is a desire to create their own pathway in the business world vs. working for someone else. That’s why so many of these entrepreneurs are drawn to the idea of owning their own small business, and why they are such a natural fit for owning a Merle Norman cosmetics franchise.

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“We have a wave of younger owners coming on board now, and their excitement is contagious,” says Travis Richards, Vice President of Franchising. “They are eager to be their own bosses, and they also know that they have a lot to learn. They want a model that allows them both security and independence, and Merle Norman provides that.”

Different floor plans offer choices for cosmetics franchise

For instance, Merle Norman beauty franchise ownership can happen a few different ways. A new store can be launched, or an existing franchise can be purchased. Or, if someone already has a thriving business such as a boutique or gift shop, they can add Merle Norman products into a dedicated space within that footprint.

“One thing this generation doesn’t want is a cookie-cutter operation,” Richards says. “They love the idea of owning a legend like Merle Norman, and her startup story really resonates with them. At the same time, they don’t want to be just like a store around the corner. With a customizable footprint and our large and continually growing line of products and services, they know there’s no danger of that.”

Brand support allows for steady growth

New and current Merle Norman beauty franchise owners alike also benefit from a full platform of support. That includes an administrative system that bundles everything from employee scheduling, inventory status and sales worksheets to customer-facing services such as appointment scheduling, promotions, birthday mailings and more. All that, and no francize or royalty fee!

“Merle Norman has found the perfect balance of a tested system that supports our franchise owners while also giving them the freedom to run their businesses without us looking over their shoulder,” Richards says. “We are a partner in every way, and that’s something millennial entrepreneurs are very much looking for as they explore small-business ownership.”

For almost a century, Merle Norman has been creating beauty with high-quality, affordable skin care products and services. At the same time, it has allowed thousands of franchise owners to build successful businesses. Why not make now the time to open a Merle Norman franchise, or add our exciting line of products to your existing retail business?

Learn more about the Merle Norman franchise opportunity

For in-depth details about owning a Merle Norman franchise, download our Free Franchise Opportunity Report. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.

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