Merle Norman Franchises Perform Well In Markets Of All Sizes

An adaptable business model means that entrepreneurs can situate a colorful and customer-drawing franchise in urban, suburban and even rural markets

One of the beautiful things about owning a Merle Norman cosmetics franchise, other than the products themselves, is the flexibility of the business itself. Thanks to a footprint that allows for everything from a standalone showroom to a boutique presence in another business, Merle Norman can — and does — go anywhere.

What that means is that entrepreneurs in any size market, from bustling city centers to suburban malls and even smaller towns with a Main Street-style shopping area, are natural homes for franchise locations.

Urban landscapes are rich with customers

City centers have concentrated residential areas, as well as daily business commuters, visitors and tourists. That means lots of people, and lots of shoppers, a natural place for a Merle Norman beauty franchise.

“Urban markets have a high concentration of women who are very much plugged into fashion, and being fashionable,” says Travis Richards, Vice President of Franchising. “That means it is a rich environment for a Merle Norman franchise, because those consumers are familiar with the brand’s name and a long history of excellence. They want to see what we offer, and they quickly become regular and most importantly – repeat customers.”

Smaller areas also lucrative opportunities

A Merle Norman cosmetics franchise is also a solid bet in suburban areas, where the rise of multi-purpose outdoor venues alongside more traditional malls also are natural homes for Merle Norman. Even smaller towns with compact shopping areas work well, thanks to a footprint that allows for a franchise to set up shop just about anywhere.

“Some Merle Norman franchises are in strip centers, others in malls, while still others are part of another business, such as a bridal boutique, florist or salon,” Richards says. “Some are in really unique spaces that have been repurposed and adapted from their original use. I spend a lot of time in Flagstaff, AZ now and I’m inspired by the repurposed old gas stations along Route 66 into coffee shops, and the Lululemon store there is quite unique as well.  We’re open to evolving our footprint as long as we are properly merchandised and represented. Because franchise owners are able to scale inventory up and down based on their needs and client preferences, Merle Norman can help them find the right product mix to thrive in their community.”

For almost a century, Merle Norman has been creating beauty with high-quality, affordable skin care products and services. At the same time, it has allowed thousands of franchise owners to build successful businesses. Why not make now the time to open a Merle Norman franchise, or add our exciting line of products to your existing retail business?

Learn more about the Merle Norman franchise opportunity

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