Now Is the Time to Invest in a Merle Norman Franchise

Iconic American brand is ready for growth based on time-honored legacy

There’s never been a better time to invest in a Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise and bring our iconic brand to your community. We are poised for rapid expansion this year and are looking for passionate entrepreneurs who want to bring our beloved cosmetics, skin care and spa products to their communities. We opened 13 new franchises in Spring 2018, and our goal is to more than triple that number by year’s end with 42 new studios in business.

Almost 90 years old, Merle Norman Cosmetics has legions of devoted fans and lifelong customers across the United States, some of whom have been using our products for more than 60 years! This allegiance testifies to the efficacy and quality of our products — which you can’t find in any other brick-and-mortar or online retail store.

“Right now is a great time to invest in Merle Norman,” says Steven Jolton, Director of Franchise Sales for Merle Norman Cosmetics. “We are ready to see what the next 90 years hold and are eagerly looking for those entrepreneurs who want to partner with us. We have all we need for growth and expansion — a time-honored legacy upon which to build and an innovative leadership team to help us move into the future with success.”

The future of Merle Norman Cosmetics

“As far as I’m concerned, from a brand perspective and a business perspective, Merle Norman is nothing but 87 years young with upside potential galore. From a business perspective, this brand is positioned for tremendous growth,” says Amy Hackbart, Chief Operating Officer.

Building upon our founder Merle Norman’s vision of empowering women, which still influences our work, we’re embracing new ways of creating products and doing business. When you become a Merle Norman franchise owner today, you become part of a new and exciting continuation of the great legacy of our company.

We’ve recently invested in technology and equipment to create better products faster, and our franchise owners are now also able to offer spa services. By offering these services, studio owners tap into the unlimited potential for growing their businesses through attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

“The future of Merle Norman is the spa experience, which debuted this year,” says Travis Richards, a Director and Vice President of Franchising. “Franchisees have the ability to make more money because they don’t have the overhead of inventory, and they can offer spa services on top of selling cosmetic products.”

“The sky’s the limit when it comes to Merle Norman’s future!” Hackbart says. “This is a brand that has managed to successfully reinvent itself on an ongoing basis and that continues to have a presence in a category that’s incredibly competitive. We’re a brand with strong, loyal, passionate owners; strong, loyal, passionate, multi-generational customers; and there are millions upon millions of women who when they try Merle Norman, they’re hooked. There are so many women being born every day who 15 years from now will need to know about Merle, because they’ve got acne or oily skin, or because they’re getting ready for their first prom or their first dance.”

Learn more about investing in Merle Norman

If you want to join an established brand with an exciting future, look no further than Merle Norman Cosmetics. We are recruiting passionate entrepreneurs who enjoy working with people and serving others. Retail or cosmetics experience is not necessary (we’ll train you on everything you need to know), and our startup costs range from $34,803 to $55,750 (not including real estate costs).

Find out more by exploring our research pages or requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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