The Beauty Industry is Changing & Merle Norman is One Step Ahead

Our longstanding cosmetics franchise continues to set the bar high for premium, innovative skincare and makeup that attracts lifelong customersMerle Norman is changing with the industry

As the beauty industry is changing, launch a Merle Norman in your community and you’ll join a respected network of community-oriented cosmetics franchise stores established as the go-to place for all things makeup and skincare. In today’s post-COVID world, the cosmetics industry is changing the way they reach consumers with several big box retailers recently announcing they are bringing cosmetic and skincare experiences in house. However, nothing beats the personalized care and excellent customer service provided by the original beauty experts at Merle Norman.

Both Target and Kohl’s have announced partnerships to bring beauty experiences to their customers in store. Target is partnering with Ulta Beauty and Kohl’s is partnering with Sephora. By contrast, Merle Norman offers a one-stop established destination solely dedicated to prestige beauty and skincare products – and all under one roof with on-staff experts who aren’t just part-time employees on a short-term commitment. Our employees are passionate about our brand and our cosmetics franchise owners are a testament to the longevity and trustworthiness of the Merle Norman name.

Consumers have their go-to local hair salon, their favorite nail salon, and Merle Norman quickly becomes their go-to skincare and makeup destination. Sure, you could shop for skincare and makeup products at the same place you buy diapers or dog food, but why would you? For consumers who are now paying more attention than ever to the products they use on their skin and the makeup they apply, Merle Norman is the obvious choice.

“Customers can come into our stores and we’re nothing but Merle Norman. We’re all one brand and we’re more personalized. They go to Sephora and Ulta, and it’s just a ‘Wal-mart’ of this, that, and the other. There are too many name brands and it’s confusing,” says Barbara Norris, multi-unit studio owner, Scottsdale, Arizona. “And at a drugstore, they don’t get to try before they buy. They buy it. Well, I have had numerous customers come in and say, ‘Oh my goodness. I got this foundation at the drugstore. I paid this for it and it’s horrible. Oh, I just love yours.’ And even though they know ours may cost a little more, it works. They’re actually saving money and getting a better brand.”

For entrepreneurs with a passion for skincare and beauty and the drive to be that go-to expert in their community, Merle Norman is a rewarding and potentially profitable business. Our studio owners enjoy being a part of a longstanding, respected brand that has adapted and thrived over the decades during uncertain times, which is a true testament to our resilient business model.

Merle Norman empowers women business owners

Merle Norman lived the American success story, launching her cosmetics empire from her kitchen in 1931 in the midst of the Great Depression. Through Merle Norman’s established franchise model, hundreds of entrepreneurs have lived out their own dreams of building their successful cosmetics franchise business. It’s not uncommon for some Merle Norman cosmetics franchise owners to pass down their passion for Merle Norman from generation to generation. Studio owner Corene Edgar opened her first Merle Norman studio in 1977 in Ozark, Alabama, and her daughter, Kim, and her granddaughter Brooke are now in the business. We’re a legacy cosmetics franchise brand that attracts generations of owners and customers alike.

“Opening a Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise is an extremely rewarding business that offers flexibility and financial freedom,” says Travis Richards, Board of Director and Executive at Merle Norman. “Merle Norman herself founded and grew the company on the goal of empowering women through outstanding customer service and entrepreneurial opportunity. We have never strayed from that original mission. Today’s franchise owners can become transformational pillars in their communities by investing in Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios.”

Ready to open a Merle Norman Cosmetics studio in your community?

Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise is poised for growth throughout the country. Extended to entrepreneurs beginning in 1931, then by Merle Norman herself, our franchise opportunity gives franchisees personal and professional fulfillment as Merle Norman Cosmetics studio owners.

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