Merle Norman Poised to Address Changing Consumer Needs in 2019

U.S. market will be global beauty leader in 2019 with $89.7 billion in sales

Merle Norman Cosmetics is committed to empowering women to look and feel their best, an ideal that has served our company well for almost 90 years. As we turn the calendar to a new year, a new industry report says that beauty customers’ needs have shifted, but we’ve been meeting those needs all along.

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Rhiannon McGregor, Foresight Writer at The Future Laboratory, points out in the Cosmetics Business report: “The emphasis for consumers is increasingly concentrated on the idea of empowerment.” The report goes on to state that there’s a “new definition of beauty, but one that belongs very personally to the consumer — a celebration of both individuality and diversity. … Consumers also want a closer relationship with brands and their products, and brands need to find new ways to allow them to participate.”  

There’s never been a more customer-centric brand than Merle Norman Cosmetics. Merle Norman herself created the company with empowering the individual in mind. She pioneered the “try before you buy” concept, allowing customers to take home samples to use before they make a final purchase.

Our customer service training focuses on meeting the individual’s needs — understanding their skincare concerns, lifestyle and beauty regimen. We offer a level of attention that many customers aren’t accustomed to from today’s offerings in department or big-box stores.

“When I go to those counters, I know when I’m just being pushed the product,” says Renee Rollins, a studio owner in Grapevine, Texas. “They don’t care whether it’s good for me or not. They just want to make a sale. That is the polar opposite of my goals. My goal is to build a relationship with that customer, to educate that customer and really find something that is going to help with their issue — not just try to sell another high-dollar serum or product.

“Literally, weekly, I hear from my customers, ‘I won’t go to the mall anymore. I used to use XYZ with this or that name brand, but I want to come over here and see what you’ve got because I trust that you’re going to give me the right information and tell me what I truly need.’ ”

Renee Hitt, a studio owner in Wisconsin, sees the same level of connection with her customers. “Because of our years of experience and our reputation, we have more authority on skin care and makeup, and our customers rely on that,” says Hitt. “Twice last week I had someone come in I hadn’t seen in quite a while. The reason that they came back was because they said they knew that I’d give them the right product.

“In the skin care and cosmetics world, it’s a candy store out there right now! But if we continue to do what we do best — being the experts in our field and being consistent in the service and quality we offer — customers will come back to us because we’re the ones that have been around so long.”

In a climate where customers are being underserved at the supermarket and department store and overwhelmed at the big-box stores, Merle Norman specializes in one-on-one customer service and engagement. As a franchise owner, you offer the individualized level of attention the customers of 2019 will be looking for.

The report also says that the United States will lead the global market with $89.7 billion next year in sales for beauty and personal care products.

“When I think about the typical cosmetics or skincare store experience, whether it’s the local supermarket aisle, the department store at the mall, Sephora or Ulta, there’s very little that’s personalized about it,” says Travis Richards, Vice President of Franchising. “At Merle Norman, our studio owners treat every customer as a unique individual. They know our product lines inside and out and are prepared to offer the very best recommendations to our customers. That’s empowering — leaving a Merle Norman Cosmetics studio feeling beautiful.”

Merle Norman Cosmetics studio owners will more than meet the demand of consumers who are looking for authentic experiences that celebrate their individuality and empower them in the process.

Empower the women in your community when you open
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We are actively recruiting entrepreneurs to help us reach our goal of 65 new and resale studios in 2019. With more than 1,000 studios in North America, we still have optimal territory available for you to open your own cosmetics studio franchise.

Find out more by exploring the research pages on our website or request a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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