Merle Norman Cosmetics Franchise Is Poised to Thrive Into the Next Decade

Cosmetics franchise business and beauty industry predicted to be big business in 2019 and beyond



Regardless of the country’s economic climate, there’s one constant among American women. Their skincare and beauty routines — and spending habits on those products — remain robust and fairly predictable. In fact, research shows that women spend over $426 billion a year on beauty products and enjoy the mood-boosting benefits of buying something as simple as a new tube of lipstick — one of life’s affordable pleasures.

Because of our ongoing commitment to stay updated on the very latest trends in beauty and skincare, Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise owners can be assured the products they offer
are what their customers demand. According to “Top Skincare Trends for 2019” from, beauty and skincare customers will be shopping for products made of natural ingredients, as well as high-performing anti-aging items. Merle Norman Cosmetics delivers in both categories.

The article states: “Natural beauty and cosmetics are still big business as consumers buy into harnessing what nature has to offer in terms of products for good skin health. The next year will continue to see skin care and beauty products take a stripped-back approach. … Plant-based beauty, just like plant-based living, is becoming more popular and bigger business, and brands will be seeking to put this at the forefront of their ideology.”

“We focus mainly on the quality and integrity of the product, so our formulations are top-notch. We use the best ingredients that are available and the latest technology that’s available, and we stand behind our products,” says Erica Herrel, Research and Development Manager for Merle Norman Cosmetics.

In fact, natural and plant-based ingredients are key to our new Skintelligent System products, as well as to the three exclusive facials we offer with the MN Spa.

Defying age is a primary goal of cosmetics users, according to the article from “The global anti-aging market is, according to official figures, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 7.8 percent. These figures take into account the years between 2013 and up to 2019.

“By next year, it’s expected that the total value of the anti-aging market will be $191.7 billion (that’s in US dollars). The United States is a key market in the global skin care and cosmetics industry, generating an estimated revenue of approximately $62 billion in 2016 alone. The world of skincare, anti-aging and cosmeceuticals is ever-evolving, and the next season looks to have a wealth of new technologies and treatment ideas at its forefront.”

In addition to the anti-aging benefits that are inherent with natural and plant-based products,

Merle Norman’s Anti-Aging Complex System is specially formulated to help fight the visible signs of premature aging day and night. It’s been a best-seller and customer favorite, as these products deliver results.

“When we say we use peptides, we not only use peptides, we use them at the highest recommended level,” says Herrel. “We know that our products are going to work, and they are going to work well. When we make you a promise that this will make you look better, it will make you look better.”



Grow with us at Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise

For almost 90 years, Merle Norman Cosmetics has been delivering prestige cosmetics at an affordable price to customers whose glowing, youthful skin is a testament to our products’ quality and efficacy.

With more than 1,000 studios in North America, we are excited about the growth and expansion to come as we continue to deliver innovative, on-trend products to our loyal customers into the next decade and beyond.

Now is the perfect time for you to join us! We are actively recruiting entrepreneurs to open cosmetic studios in markets all over the United States. Find out more by exploring the research pages on our website or by requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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