Why Merle Norman Cosmetics Franchise Is A Resilient Business to Own

For nearly 100 years, the iconic beauty franchise’s versatility and high-quality products have helped its franchise owners thrive in business

As the recent crisis recedes into the past, entrepreneurs are seeking recession-resistant business opportunities that are capable of thriving in challenging times. 

For entrepreneurs who are passionate about the beauty industry and empowering women to realize their ideal self-image, Merle Norman is a resilient brand that is nimble enough to innovate and adapt with the times. 

After all, this is exactly what we’ve been doing for nearly 100 years.beauty franchise

Our iconic beauty supply franchise was launched in the middle of The Great Depression, and during WWII, we answered a call to action for machine gun oil and camouflage sticks by converting our factories. Even now, during these challenging times, our online sales are increasing by six times their normal volume, and we are producing World Health Organization-approved hand sanitizer. 

For our franchise owners, many of whom have endured multiple recessions and changing cultural times, being a part of a brand that is capable of adapting and changing during uncertain times is a testament to the strength of our business model. 

There’s another silver lining. The beauty industry was booming at $532 billion before this crisis and the demand for it will continue to grow after it ends. With three business models — opening a new store, purchasing an existing store or adding a Merle Norman Cosmetics studio to your existing retail — and a surging online sales platform, Merle Norman franchise owners can thrive in any economy. 

Why You Should Invest in a Beautiful Future

For nearly 100 years, Merle Norman has been committed to helping our franchisees thrive in business. This is why investing in a Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio is an attractive business opportunity. Not only do we offer low startup costs and flexible floor plans, but we also never charge a franchisee an initial franchise fee or ongoing royalty fees. We’ve worked to eliminate the hassle of starting a franchise for our studio owners because we want your business to run as smoothly and affordably as possible. This is why we offer a variety of studio options at various investment price points ranging from $34,803 to $186,500. 

Additionally, whether you have retail experience or not, Merle Norman Cosmetics is committed to helping our franchisees succeed in business over the long-term. From startup tasks to opening, initial training, marketing, advertising, best practices and more, we will be right by your side from the moment you sign your franchise agreement. We also proudly carry on Merle Nethercutt Norman’s original goal of empowering women as we work with franchisees today. 

The best part? As a Merle Norman studio owner, you will become part of our story, which is building on our past to create a brighter future. Our brand enjoys a time-honored legacy with loyal, lifetime customers. Ultimately, their graceful aging and beautiful skin are a testament to the quality of our products. 

“Merle Norman’s has stood the test of time, and we’re going to march headstrong with our arms wide open into the next 90 years,” says Travis Richards, family member, Board of Director and Executive at Merle Norman.


Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise is poised for growth throughout the country. We anticipate adding at least 42 new studio franchise units this year. Extended to entrepreneurs beginning in 1931, then by Merle Norman herself, our franchise opportunity gives franchisees personal and professional fulfillment as Merle Norman Cosmetics studio owners.

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