Merle Norman is the Perfect Franchise for Women

The iconic cosmetics franchise has been helping women thrive in business for decades

With National Women’s History Month underway, this is a great time for female entrepreneurs to make their dreams of business ownership a reality. There’s no better franchise opportunity than Merle Norman Cosmetics. In the 1920s, Merle Norman was determined to find the best possible combination of ingredients to support her complexion. Little did she know she had just started an empire in the kitchen of her California home.

The result was the innovative “3 Steps to Beauty” featuring PowderBase, Cleansing Cream and Miracol® PowderBase. Norman began sharing these with family and friends, believing if they had a chance to try them they would become customers. She was right, and within three years, 94 Merle Norman Cosmetics Studios opened — many of them predominantly owned by women. Nearly a century later, the cosmetics and product standards Norman created are still highly respected across generations. 

If it isn’t clear yet, Norman was way ahead of her time with not only her beauty products, but also franchising. She started the concept long before it was officially defined. More importantly, in a time when women were not business owners, Norman was launching her own company and empowering other women as well. Today, our iconic cosmetics franchise is still committed to helping women make their dreams of owning a business a reality as well as helping women feel beautiful. iconic cosmetics franchise

This is why we offer a proven and successful business model, designed to maximize your return on investment. Our various store plans vary in start-up costs, and are able to fit most every type of location and budget. Merle Norman’s cosmetics franchise really has owners’ best interests at heart as we work to make innovations to our company and our brand. 

“We have an army of people at our corporate headquarters who are as invested in their success as they are,” says Travis Richards, Executive. “We work really hard behind the scenes, trying to make running a business easier, simpler, and ideally, something that’s fun for them. We hope our efforts allow them the time, freedom, and ability to be on the sales floor sharing the products and conveying to their customers what would help them look and feel better. We know that’s why they became a Merle Norman Studio owner.”

Investing In Our Iconic Brand is a Wise Investment

Merle Norman Cosmetics single studio has evolved into the successful operation it is today. Not only are we still family-owned, but our Research & Development and manufacturing studios are still located in Los Angeles, where the products continue to be made. We have never strayed from Merle Norman’s original vision of superior products, exceptional customer service, the “Try Before You Buy” philosophy, and are bolstered by a new, contemporary design. 

Ultimately, Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios are positioned for further expansion and even greater success in the years ahead. This is why we are seeking entrepreneurs who have a passion for business, beauty and helping others as we expand further. The best part? You don’t have to have any beauty experience to own and operate our cosmetics franchise. 

From the moment you sign your franchise agreement, you will never be alone in business. You’ll start with our online training, then attend a five-day comprehensive training program at our home office in Los Angeles, which will teach you everything you need to know about starting your business. Our education programs teach you everything you need to about studio ownership. This includes best business practices, marketing strategies, skin care consultation and makeup artistry, 

“It would be hard to say that there’s one ideal person for studio ownership, but at the end of the day, I want somebody who’s just got passion,” says Steve Jolton, Director of Franchise Sales for Merle Norman Cosmetics. “Passion for helping people, passion for doing something that they can build and be their own. I think that’s really going to be the key to success.” 

Ready to open a Merle Norman Cosmetics studio in your community?

Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise is poised for growth throughout the country. We anticipate adding at least 42 new studio franchise units this year. Extended to entrepreneurs beginning in 1931, then by Merle Norman herself, our franchise opportunity gives franchisees personal and professional fulfillment as Merle Norman Cosmetics studio owners. 

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