E-commerce and the Franchise Owner

Merle Norman has tapped new e-commerce strategies to drive sales growth in its retail stores

Merle Norman is proud to have partnered with their participating franchisees in a direct-to-consumer marketplace. Merle Norman crafted their strategy to drive customers into their independently owned and operated stores and share revenues derived from online sales.

Studies show that e-commerce strategies drive up brick-and-mortar sales more than 30 percent. Merle Norman knows and values the personal touch and service of our studio owners; contact your Franchise Sales Representative to learn more about this exciting new program.Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio Location

Merle Norman is committed to our franchisees’ success. We offer a proven and successful business plan, designed to maximize your return on investment. Our various store floor plans vary in start-up costs, and are designed to fit most every location and budget. Franchise owners pay no franchise fee and no royalty fee, plus we reimburse up to 60 percent for local marketing and advertising costs. Merle Norman also supplies your Studio with sample and demonstration products so your customers can “try before they buy.”

No matter your background, Merle Norman Cosmetics is committed to investing in our franchise owners’ education and training, so they are equipped to own and operate a Studio from day one. Our education programs cover all aspects of Studio ownership, including best business practices, marketing strategies, skincare consultation and makeup artistry. 

Even if you’ve never worked in a retail setting or have any experience with cosmetic application, we will train you in every area to be an expert beauty consultant and savvy business owner. With our comprehensive artistry training program, it’s easy to learn how to apply our products like a pro. You’ll also learn valuable skills to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your service and expertise. Additionally, our corporate team will help with every step of the build-out and start-up process. Our experts assist with all the logistics of site development, including real estate selection, fixtures and signage, and store layout and construction.


The initial investment to open a Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio ranges from $34,803 to $186,500, depending on the floor plan and site where you choose to locate. We’re a unique franchise opportunity searching for that unique individual that is passionate about empowering themselves and the women of their community.

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