As Online Sales Increase, Merle Norman Cosmetics Franchise Produces Hand Sanitizer to Give Back

The iconic beauty supply’s ability to adapt allows the franchise to produce World Health Organization approved hand sanitizer

For nearly a century, Merle Norman Cosmetics has endured — and overcame — many economic hurdles. By continuing to innovate and change with the times, Merle Norman has helped franchise owners thrive for decades. Even now, amid the outbreak of the coronavirus, Merle Norman has stepped in to play a crucial role in combatting the crisis by producing a sorely needed item: hand sanitizer. 

We are now producing World Health Organization approved hand sanitizers not only in our stores, but also online where we are currently experiencing six times the usual volume in sales. The increase in online sales is significant, as it reflects Merle Norman products are in demand even in uncertain times, and our loyal following of customers will continue to support our franchise owners as they wait for things to return to normal.

And things will return to normal. Whatever the new normal looks like, Merle Norman Cosmetics is committed to helping our franchise owners thrive in business. This is shown through our offering of a proven business model designed to maximize your return on investment and our studio floor plans that vary in startup costs and are designed to fit most every location and budget. 

Moreover, Merle Norman franchise owners do not have to pay any franchise or royalty fees, and we reimburse up to 60 percent for local marketing and advertising costs. Additionally, Merle Norman supplies your studio with sample and demonstration products so your customers can “try before they buy.”

The best part? As a Merle Norman studio owner, you will become part of our story, which is building on our past to create a brighter future. Our brand enjoys a time-honored legacy with loyal, lifetime customers. Ultimately, their graceful aging and beautiful skin are a testament to the quality of our products. cosmetics franchise

Why Merle Norman Cosmetics is the Right Beauty Supply Franchise For You

Becoming a Merle Norman franchisee means owning and operating a modern cosmetics studio with products from an iconic brand. Not only is our beauty supply franchise an affordable opportunity, but whether your studio is in a busy shopping center or a stand-alone in a small town, our proven business model is easy to run and easy to scale. 

Even better, you do not have to have any retail experience to invest in a Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise. We are committed to investing in our franchise owners’ education and training, so they are equipped to own and operate a studio from day one. Our education programs cover all aspects of studio ownership, including best business practices, marketing strategies, skincare consultation and makeup artistry. 

Additionally, with our comprehensive artistry training program, it’s easy to learn how to apply our products like a pro. While our studios offer time-tested products, we have modernized them to evolve to the desires and demands of today’s customer. Franchise owners will also learn valuable skills to ensure customers are satisfied with your service and expertise.

“Some of our best studio owners have come from a second or third career,” says Travis Richards, Board of Directors and Vice President of Franchising. “We’ve found that studio owners who are focused on education and helping somebody else for example, school teachers or retired school teachers, nurses, flight attendants – have become very good owners because they’re organized, really understand customer service and want to help their communities.”


Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise is poised for growth throughout the country. We anticipate adding at least 42 new studio franchise units this year. Extended to entrepreneurs beginning in 1931, then by Merle Norman herself, our franchise opportunity gives franchisees personal and professional fulfillment as Merle Norman Cosmetics studio owners.

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