3 Reasons to Invest in a Beauty Franchise

A recession-proof business in a growing global industry and a heightened focus on self care make owning a beauty franchise a smart choice

Makeup and skincare have been around for thousands of years and they are here to stay. For those looking to invest in a personally rewarding beauty franchise, Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio stands out as a well-loved brand with a track record of success approaching 100 years.

While we pride ourselves as a legacy brand, we set the bar on ingenuity and quality since 1931.

Take for example today’s buzzword ingredient- Hyaluronic Acid…. Merle Norman started using that in 1986 with our award winning and biggest seller, Energizing Concentrate! Today we continue to harness the latest trends and technology in beauty and skincare. In partnership with our franchisees, we launched our e-commerce platform in 2019, making it easier for consumers to purchase our products, continue to use premium ingredients and utilize the latest technology in developing all our product lines like the first Probiotic Skin Care system, Skintelligent in the industry.

“Our products are always going to stand the test of time. We invest in brand new technology and our products are on par or on better or better than the most prestigious and expensive brands out there,” says Travis Richards, Board of Director and Executive at Merle Norman. “Today’s consumers look to blogs and YouTubers and people they’ve never met for advice for their beauty. Our owners and beauty consultants are the best influencers in the industry. Once they come into a Merle Norman and they have a true and honest experience with exceptional products we’ll have the loyalty of that customer and their friends for life.” 

Merle Norman employee giving makeover

Looking for a business that is both personally rewarding and potentially profitable in the rapidly growing cosmetic industry, which is on track to  reach $805 billion by 2023? Here are three reasons to invest in a beauty franchise.

The beauty business is resilient to economic downturns

Even during economic downturns, people look for ways to pamper themselves, even with inexpensive purchases like a new shade of lipstick or a face mask. Economists even have a term for this — the “Lipstick Effect.” Investopedia defines the “Lipstick Effect” as “a theory that states that during periods of recession or economic downturn, consumers will eschew purchases of big-ticket luxury items and seek material solace in smaller indulgences, such as premium lipstick.”

The average woman will spend $43 on a shopping trip for makeup alone and a total of $15,000 on beauty products during her lifetime. As Merle Norman offers an incredibly diverse range of products that meet the needs of all ages, skin types and concerns, we appeal to a broad demographic and not just one.

A beauty franchise is personally and professionally rewarding

Beauty and skincare products make people feel beautiful both inside and out. A beauty franchise is a very personal business focused on customer relationships. At Merle Norman we become an integral part of our community and stand out as a brand people can trust thanks to our high quality, high integrity product line. It’s a business that you can be proud of owning.

“The greatest reward in my business is being able to help other women be confident and look their best. You have a network of women who, honestly, end up becoming your friends because they come into your store. And pretty soon, you’re not only building confidence with the other women, but I now am more confident than I’ve been in my life. Not to mention the fact that I look better than I’ve ever looked in my life because of the skincare and the makeup,” says Barbara Norris, multi-unit Studio owner in Scottsdale, Arizona.

People are obsessed with the latest in skincare and beauty

Now more than ever people are looking for a pick me up and time for self care. More people are uncertain about the future in the wake of the global pandemic and makeup has become an art form. America’s obsession with beauty has even led to the rise of YouTube influencers, some of whom have upwards of 100 million subscribers, who demonstrate the latest products and techniques. America is also one of the top three nations in terms of spending when it comes to skincare and beauty.

Skincare goes hand-in-hand with cosmetics and Merle Norman offers an extensive line of both skin care and makeup that meets the needs of women of all agest and skin types. We’re also proud to say our products are made in America in the very plant built by our founder herself in 1952 in Westchester, California, and are never tested on animals.

Ready to open a Merle Norman Cosmetics studio in your community? 

Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise is poised for growth throughout the country. We anticipate adding at least 42 new studio franchise units this year. Extended to entrepreneurs beginning in 1931, then by Merle Norman herself, our franchise opportunity gives franchisees personal and professional fulfillment as Merle Norman Cosmetics studio owners.

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