Merle Norman Franchises are a Positive Influence in Today’s Social Media Overload

Franchising with Merle Norman is the opportunity to expand your sphere of influence

Why be an online influencer of beauty products, when you can make a real-life impact by owning a cosmetics business? People are starting to catch on that online influencers are paid to promote products and often lack the expertise that engenders trust. “It’s the virtual equivalent of everyone leaving the room when I walk in,” admitted a self-identified influencer in InStyle Magazine. On the contrary, Merle Norman skincare franchise owners are beauty experts that their customers trust. Our long track record of empowering women to look and feel their best is the reason why customers flocked to our brand more than 90 years ago, and it’s the reason they’re still flocking to us today.

“Cosmetics can change a woman from feeling not pretty to beautiful, from beautiful to amazing, from having a bad day to having a great day,” says Beth Butler, Director of Franchise Sales at Merle Norman Cosmetics.

Merle Norman franchise multi-generation studio owners standing together

When you invest in a company that believes in true beauty, beautiful things happen. Our business model is designed to maximize profitability and, even more importantly, to position you as the go-to expert for beauty products in your community.

“The greatest reward in my business is being able to help other women be confident and look their best,” says Barbara Norris, a multi-unit Studio owner in Scottsdale, Arizona. “You have a network of women who, honestly, end up becoming your friends. You’re not only building others’ confidence – your building your own – personally and professionally.”

Franchisees focus on real relationships to build Merle Norman skincare franchise’s loyal customers

Merle Norman skincare franchise owners are the true influencers in the makeup industry. And although social media can’t be ignored in our culture, audiences are becoming immune to overzealous marketing strategies.

Franchising with Merle Norman means you’ll build strong relationships because people will never forget how you’ve made them feel beautiful. At Merle Norman, you’re offering a prestigious product at a reasonable price, helping to create your customer base. Our brand loyalty is a ringing endorsement for the unparalleled quality and efficacy of our products.

Our franchise opportunities have given entrepreneurs personal and professional fulfillment since 1931 and our proven record helps them operate successful and lucrative businesses. We offer a true and honest experience along with ongoing educational opportunities, marketing and advertising, and support from industry professionals.

“We work really hard behind the scenes, trying to make running a business easier for [our franchisees]. We want it to be simple and ideally, something that’s fun for them,” says Butler. “We hope our efforts allow them the time, freedom, and ability to be on the sales floor sharing why they became a Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio owner and conveying to their customers what will help them look and feel better. We really want potential franchisees to know that you won’t be alone in this business because we have an army of people at our corporate headquarters who are as invested in their success as they are. We care very deeply for each of our studio owners and how well they perform.”

Are you ready to enhance the beauty of your community with a skincare franchise?

Invest in Merle Norman and make a visible difference with a lucrative business. Almost 90 years ago, Merle Norman founded the company on the belief that business can help entire communities look and feel better. Owning one of our cosmetic franchise studios is as attractive as our customers who use our cosmetics. What to learn more? We’ve love to hear from you.

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