Merle Norman Franchise Owners Use New Online Platform to Reach New Generation of Customers

Merle Norman online platform sales add growth to existing in-store sales, allowing franchise owners to ramp up two strong revenue streams

Merle Norman beauty supply franchise customers can shop at their local franchise store online through the brand’s national online platform — and the results have been extraordinary for franchise owners.merle norman online store

The program was tested and launched in 2019, putting Merle Norman franchise owners using online platforms ahead of the curve for the pandemic-related changes in consumer behavior. The online platform helped to deliver strong sales throughout 2020, and now that the economy is opening back up, it will be an important second revenue stream that continues to drive sales increases.

Our digital storefront allows us to reach more people

Merle Norman has been at the forefront of the online revolution with our popular social media and online presence. As we continue to differentiate our iconic brand with both traditional roots and innovations that explore new streams of revenue, we broaden the scope for franchisees’ profitability.

A prime example is our e-commerce platform, a natural conduit for Merle Norman beauty supply franchises to reach new customers. A whole new generation of women are discovering our products through social media and the option to shop locally online.

R&D teams mean continuous evolution for beauty franchise

“We work really hard behind the scenes, trying to make running a business easier for our franchise partners,” says Beth Butler, Director of Franchise Development. “We want our efforts to allow them the time, freedom, and ability to focus on growing their business. Potential franchise owners should know they will never be alone in this business. We have an army of people at our corporate headquarters who are as invested in their success as they are.”

“If you are going to open a brick-and-mortar business in this day and age, why not do it with a company that’s been in business almost 90 years?” says proud multi-unit owner, Meredith Poland in Indianapolis, Indiana. “I think the heritage of Merle Norman is something to be valued. They have been producing cosmetics from start to finish with an established business model and product development right here in the U.S. for nine decades. When you decide to take a big risk and a big leap of faith and say, ‘I’m going to open a business,’ this is the kind of company you want to partner with.”

Are you ready to build your beauty supply franchise?

Through Merle Norman’s established franchise model and online reach, hundreds of entrepreneurs have lived out their dreams of building a successful business. Merle Norman is a rewarding business with high-profit potential. Investing in our beauty supply franchise is as attractive as our customers who use our cosmetics. To learn more, simply fill out an inquiry form.

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