90 Years of Brand Loyalty Fuels Success for Merle Norman Franchise Owners

Maintaining and strengthening customer relationships gives Merle Norman franchise partners a competitive advantage

Merle Norman franchise’s commitment to superior customer service has been expanding our loyal customer base for more than 90 years — providing major advantages for our franchise partners.

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Our brand loyalty is a ringing endorsement for the unparalleled quality of our products and a testament to our customer satisfaction. In fact, many clients have used Merle Norman products for more than 60 years. Why? We continue to meet expectations and identify with our clients on a personal level. And that translates into growth and prosperity for our franchise partners.

Personal touch a hallmark of iconic brand since inception

Merle Norman opened her first studio in 1931 and began sharing her own creations with family and friends. Thus began the famous slogan, “Try Before You Buy.” Her innovation continues to help franchise owners build trust with consumers and grow their business everyday. And as a result, our beauty supply franchises are trusted nationwide to not only provide a high quality product but also continue a relationship with customers that makes them feel beautiful.

And that’s why Merle Norman franchise owners are longtime pillars of their communities. As we continue to expand across the country, Merle Norman’s beauty supply franchise is an opportunity for you to enhance your local economy and create opportunities, jobs, and encourage community involvement, each driving the expansion of your loyal customer base and profit potential.

Merle Norman’s team stands ready to help franchise owners

Merle Norman Cosmetics is committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed through our brand recognition and ongoing franchise support. We offer free marketing and promotional tools, including product samples. We offer a proven and successful business plan, designed to maximize your return on investment.

“We have an army of people at our corporate headquarters who are as invested in their success as they are, and we care very deeply for each of our studio owners and how well they perform,” says Beth Butler, Director of Franchise Development. “We work hard behind the scenes, trying to make running a business easier, simpler, and ideally, something that’s fun for our franchise partners. Our additional efforts allow them the time, freedom, and ability to be on the sales floor sharing the products and meeting their customers.”

Ready to meet our loyal customers and start your business today?

Franchisees benefit from our incredible brand recognition and customer loyalty that we’ve built over decades of experience. Merle Norman is a rewarding business with high-profit potential. Owning one of our cosmetic franchise studios is as attractive as our customers who use our cosmetics. Fill out an inquiry form to learn more.

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