No Cosmetics or Retail Experience? No Problem!

Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise trains and educates its studio owners

One of the first questions most potential Merle Norman Cosmetic franchise owners ask is, “Do I have to have a background in cosmetics, retail or business ownership?” Our answer is “No” because we train and support franchise owners for all aspects of franchise ownership — from perfecting makeup application to crunching numbers for monthly budgets and everything in between.

“Merle Norman Cosmetics offers unparalleled support to its franchisees,” says Travis Richards, Vice President of Franchising. “We are interested in partnering with entrepreneurs who are passionate about serving their communities and making a difference in the lives of their customers. Our comprehensive training covers all the rest.”

Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise has prime territories available for franchise expansion and development all across the United States, and we are actively recruiting new partners. Regardless of background or experience, customer-focused, enthusiastic individuals who are willing to learn about studio ownership make great franchisees.

Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise teaches studio owners how to be successful

Training is offered both online and in person at our corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California. As you’re starting your new Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise, you’ll learn:

About our 200+ products and 600+ shades

Professional makeup artistry skills and skincare knowledge

Successful selling techniques

Staff and business management tips

How to use Point Of Sale (P.O.S.) software

Website, email and hosting assistance

Merle Norman Cosmetics is committed to staying on top of the latest trends in makeup, fashion and style, which means there’s almost always an opportunity to train our franchisees on new products and techniques. We offer ongoing training, including:

Step-by-step instructional makeup artistry and new product videos taught by celebrity makeup artists

Webinars on topics such as successful selling techniques and product knowledge

National training events featuring industry experts who provide sales coaching and artistry expertise

“Merle Norman stays right on track with colors and trends. They keep a close eye on what’s going on as they introduce new products throughout the year,” says Robyn Steinmetz, a multi-unit franchise owner in Arkansas. “Every year they have a convention for Merle Norman studio owners, and they also have a training academy. They always feature different speakers and teachers. Recently, we learned new techniques from one of the artists who does makeup for Dancing with the Stars. Former First Lady Laura Bush was a guest speaker one year, too.

“They invest a lot into training and supporting us. It’s very important to have ongoing training and stay current on industry trends, whatever business you’re in. Merle Norman does a great job with that.”

Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise supports owners every step of the way

If you’re looking to join a franchise system that prioritizes its owners and is committed to educating them and equipping them for success, then Merle Norman Cosmetics may be an ideal fit for you.

“We really want potential franchisees to know that they won’t be alone in this business,” says Amy Hackbart, Chief Operating Officer of Merle Norman Cosmetics. “We have an army of people at our corporate headquarters who are as invested in their success as they are, and we care very deeply for each of our studio owners and how well they perform. We work really hard behind the scenes trying to make running a business easier for them, simpler for them, and ideally, something that’s fun for them. We hope our efforts allow them the time, the freedom and the ability to be on the sales floor sharing the products and conveying to their customers what would help them look and feel better. We know it’s why they became a Merle Norman Studio owner.”

Learn more about the Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise opportunity by exploring the research pages on our website or requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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